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So why do people normally wear a necklace? So that it goes well with the dress that the women are wearing. A necklace forms a very important dressing accessory for a woman. Women wear necklaces on many occasions like a birthday or a marriage or a social gathering. However do you know what additional purpose a necklace can serve?

Medical Alert Necklace

A necklace can serve as a medical alert device. Yes, it’s true that a necklace can serve a dual purpose of being a part of the apparel and also become a life saver for many.

Medical alert systems today are very sophisticated with two way communication devices installed at home of the member. So whenever a member is facing a serious medical emergency and is not able to get help at hand, he can simply press a button which activates a call to the medical alert system centre. The details of the patient are flashed on the screen and help is on its way within seconds.

However there are times when people need a medical alert system when going out for work or juts for a stroll. In this case there is something else that can solve the purpose. People often carry a medical alert tag which contains vital information about the person carrying it including his personal and medical history details. Medical tags are easy to carry and can comfortably fit into a wallet or a purse. Personal details of the patient include his name, sex, age, address and telephone number. The medical history details include any medical aliment suffered by the patient in the past or at present, the medicines he is currently taking and also allergies if any. Also information may include his doctor’s details like doctor’s name, address and telephone number, so in case of a medical emergency, a doctor can be summoned immediately.

However medical alert tags are very simple and look untidy. Here is where a necklace proves to be an equally good alternative. Important information about the patient can be engraved on the necklace itself. This proves to be very useful for the person warring it as we never know when an emergency can strike. Suppose a person suffers from a sudden medical emergency like a stroke and is unable to speak, he can point towards his necklace to a passer by. A passer by can immediately read all the important information engraved on the necklace and then summon the help of paramedics or a doctor. Likewise the passer by can also inform the patients family members about the same.

Such types of medical alert necklaces are mass produced specially for the purpose, but for those people who want it to be custom made, they can get them made from a designer. Nowadays elegant necklaces in gold and silver are also available. So get one medical alert necklace for yourself today, who knows one day it can save your life. Nowadays there is a trend of medical alert necklace. Medical alert necklace come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Medical alert necklace holds the doctor's address and phone number, your blood type and information on your condition. There are so many choices now available for men, women and children. Anyone can find the perfect piece for his or her tastes from an array bracelets, charms and emblems, necklaces and dog tags, sports-bands and cuffs, anklets, and even watches.

Medical alert necklaces with gemstones normally engrave known conditions such as diabetes, allergies & more. Medical alert necklaces are a revolutionary new product designed to have emergency medical information immediately. Those with mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety disorders as well as those who take medications on a regular basis may also want to consider using this tool. It is an invaluable resource that may just save your life. Medical alert necklaces are inexpensive. Other related searches are medical alert system, medical alert bracelets, medical alert tags, medical alert charms, medical alert id, medical alert pendants, medical alert cards, medical alert alarms, medical alert watch, medical alert buttons, medical alert symbols, medical alert jewerly, medical alert bands, personal medical alert, child medical alert bracelet, medical alert in canada, home medical alert, american medical alert .


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